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A last will and testament is a document that expresses your wishes for what will happen to your property after your death. Additionally, you can designate a guardian for any minor children and include instructions for your end-of-life care if you become incapacitated. You can appoint an executor, who will be in charge of administering your property according to your instructions and settling your estate. This appointed executor must be a capable individual who is able to handle tasks for about a year. He or she also will need a probate bond, which helps determine the costs of estate administration.

Anastasi & Nielsen can provide help with all tasks associated with establishing a will, including executor and guardianship appointments. We have extensive knowledge of California estate laws, as well as experience drafting and revising numerous wills for our clients.

More Sophisticated Options May Be Necessary

In many situations, our attorneys will recommend something much more specific than a standard will. This may include a pour-over will, which offers more safeguards and includes guardianship clauses, or a living trust.

Some disadvantages of using a standard will:

  • Certain wills require probate, which can be costly.

  • In California, all the information included in your will is public record, so anyone may review it.

  • Administration of a standard will can take longer than other estate planning documents.

We Will Help Find The Best Solution For Your Estate

Our lawyers understand that every situation is unique. We will help you find estate planning solutions that suit the needs of your estate, large or small. Contact us today at 408-294-9700 to schedule a free initial consultation. Or send an online message using the secure form on this website. After-hours appointments are available upon request.

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